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Education in the digital world has become the talk of the town! While the world hustles with the unprecedented consequences of the global pandemic, educational forces are entangled in welcoming the virtual values that seem to be the only resort as of now. From classrooms and notebooks to bedrooms and e-notepads, the world has witnessed a drastic transformation in the realm of education where homes have become the new-age schools. As the world is still locked down and unable to resume conventional classroom teaching, students and teachers are experiencing an evolution of the educational field where virtual values have suddenly escalated as the must-have and other concepts seem to be secondary in importance. In simpler terms, the year 2020 has pushed humanity into an apocalypse of offline teaching for the time being.



While laptops and smartphones were familiar to teenagers and adults, the current situation of novel coronavirus is giving rise to count of tech-savvy toddlers. As schools have been shut down for more than 8 months now, teenagers and toddlers have no other alternative but to spend hours before the screen. While this has severely affected their eyesight and mental health, it has also made them well versed in technology and other related aspects. Unlike earlier times, toddlers are stepping into the first day of their school through smartphones and tablets, and beginning with their kindergarten fun sessions!


With the advent of internet in our lives, the world has become a connected place with everything just a click away from our screens and surely the internet arena has gained a special significance in the COVID-19 pandemic with schools entirely shifting to the online mode of teaching. Gone are the days when students used to complain about the shortage of stationery items or school uniforms. Perhaps high-speed internet services and better quality of devices can be seen as the new demands that have surfaced in the wake of this pandemic. Uncertainty simply adds to the misery of teachers and students who have to spend hours staring at the screens while they yearn to resume their classroom teaching along with their colleagues and friends.


While most urban cities and towns have the access to non-stop internet facilities and network services, India struggles in the face of an educational gap that has gained a new perspective in recent times. The haves and the have nots are defined by the facility of adequate internet services and capable devices to support their studies, which is evidently diverse among these groups. While some students have 3-4 desktops installed at their homes other students find it difficult to even arrange for a smartphone. This dilemma of the persistent educational gap has only been widened with the coming of COVID-19. Yet it would be ignorant to state the tireless efforts and undying enthusiasm of teachers and tutors to arrange adequate facilities for their students and make the impossible possible!

In these dreadful times of death and despair, the educational realm of the country and the world is in havoc. With much uncertainty and divided experiences, the testing times are growing tougher. Various schools, particularly in major metro cities are thriving hard to still come out as top schools in Gurugram or best schools in Mumbai. However, with the strength and courage to spread the wand of education among one and all, the country stands united to fight against any unfavorable circumstances. Over these months the country has witnessed the true spirit of teachers and students to connect with knowledge, attain education, and learn from life!

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