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The Right Qualities for the Right Education

10 questions to ask when choosing the right education for your child

When it comes to the education of your child, the best is what you want to achieve. In a world where education has become such an essential commodity to lead a quality life, schools have become the hubs for raising future leaders putting up attractive traits in order to appeal to parents. Yet a set of parameters can assist a parent pondering over the difficult issue of choosing the right school. Here is a list of 10 questions that a parent must look around to be answered in order to select the right school, the right education for their child.


Essence of Learning

The first and foremost quality of a school is to favor the essence of learning. Aimed to foster the values of learning and education, the door to the right education is the one where learning is the top priority, and the holy belief for all.

High standards and goals

A school is fully capable of delivering the right education to your ward if it sets high standards and goals for its students. Keeping all students together on the same radar and pushing them towards success is the mantra of delivering the right education. Positive encouragement is the key to such a factor.

Student-Teacher ratio

The availability of more teachers for a section of students implies that the teachers can pay more attention to a smaller group of students. This ensures that your child is being focused upon and looked after by a committed professional. Crowding classrooms create an obstruction in the right learning process. The student-teacher ratio has become one of the most important factors.

Security and Organization

Considered to be the second home for a child, schools must be loaded with positive order and environment to ensure that the students flourish and fly high. This also involves making the school campus secure in all aspects- physical, emotional, and mental.

Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration with students and communicating with them is the path to knowing their problems and finding correct solutions. Perhaps the right education can be achieved by collaboration and communication with students and their inner thoughts. Top schools in Gurugram are true examples of the schools committed to such factors.

People Management

The way the school staff approaches the skill of people management speaks a lot about its commitment towards delivering the right education for students. Concerned with the management of parents, students, and other personnel is included in the skill of people management which is a must when looking for the perfect pick.

Frequent Monitoring of Development

While a constant emphasis on education can be suffocating for the students, a school must indulge in frequent monitoring of the development of the students. This leads to the essential evaluation of the development and advancement of a student’s learning process. Such a practice can involve cyclic tests, educational quizzes, oral revisions, etc.

Experiential Learning

The right education can be achieved once a student is well-versed in experiential learning. Practical knowledge is a must in contemporary times and makes way for the further holistic development of the student. Apart from books and text, a student must also be made familiar with lab activities and hands-on learning experiences.

Wellness and Hygiene measures

Ever since the world has encountered the arrival of the global pandemic of COVID-19, parents have become particularly concerned about their child’s health. Another aspect of right education derives from the maintenance of wellness and hygiene on the school premises. Proper development of the students comes through such factors where they learn to lead a quality life.

Emphasis on Physical and Mental development

The right education cannot be achieved without the right health. This leads to the last factor of emphasis on the physical development of the students that has lately become a necessity for urban households. Students must learn to maintain physical fitness and mental wellness in order to achieve the right education. These 2 factors are crucial when it comes to finding the right school for the right education!

The above-mentioned factors serve as your checklist the next time you search for the right school for your ward. While all schools aim to foster learning and education among their students, these 10 factors make them effective and capable of delivering the right education for students.

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